“From the moment we saw Alabama Oaks, we knew it was just the right place for my mother. Everything is always immaculate and the staff is terrific. Since joining Alabama Oaks, mom is like a different person – much more energetic and happy. She really loves Alabama Oaks and tells us so every time we talk.”
Dr. James L. Baker, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.
Son of Dorothy Baker, Alabama Oaks Resident

“As my arthritis progressed, I really found it difficult living at home alone. I first went to Marriot’s Village Oaks, but felt lost at such a big facility. Here at Alabama Oaks, it’s not only beautiful, but I have a great sense of security and a staff that I just adore. Some have become like family to me.“

Ruth Robbins
Alabama Oaks Resident

“Mom was getting to the point where she just couldn’t live alone anymore. Alabama Oaks has been a blessing. She lives in a really lovely home, has plenty of attentive care to help her out, and maintains a sense of dignity and independence.”

Janice Moore
Daughter of Elizabeth Theen, Alabama Oaks Resident